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XVI Congress of Cardiology

September 23-25, 2015

Аutumn is the season of scientific forums. 23rd of September was opened with the annual Cardio Congress, which takes place in the scientific and exhibition complex "Olympiisky".

The Congress gathered more than 3,000 physicians: cardiologists, family doctors and general practitioners. Leading scientists from Ukraine and Europe shared their experience in the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases. Doctors are listening to reports and making notes carefully.

In the lobby of the complex there is a large exhibition of pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine. Important and significant place is occupied by our stand.

Medical representatives from Kiev are working next to the stand and present Microkhim products. More attention is paid to metabolic therapy drugs "Armadin" and "Trizipin". It was found that most of the doctors have already experienced these drugs and they are grateful to the medical representatives in their regions.

"Acekor Cardio" is a star of our stand, because with the film coating which is dissolved in the intestine, it protects the stomach and promotes antithrombotic effect. Especially doctors were impressed by the new economic package №100.

Wide selections of nitrates - tablets, ampoules, sprays were also enjoyed by the Congress. Professor from Dnepropetrovsk Homazyuk Tatiana happily greeted the appearance of "Nitromaх" in dosages of 0.3 mg, 04 mg and 0.5 mg, and invited us for cooperation.

During the first day of the Congress, Professor Igor Kuznetsov presented the features of high-tech equipment of Microkhim factory. With the help of it, all drugs, produced by the factory, are of a high quality and have innovative forms. He reported on Microkhim’s numerous studies of drugs and proved their high efficiency and advantages among others.

In general, Cardio Congress features with welcoming atmosphere.

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