Alexander Blank

Managing Partner
Rost Group

Business is healthy when all business processes are healthy. Disable just one system, and you will see the entire mechanism break down. We see to it that your business begins work on a healthy foundation.


Rost Outstaffing massively employs staff under the relocation project for a major auto industry company.


2016 began to Rost Outstaffing with a unique project - we search and select the staff for the US-Ukrainian enterprise. In connection with the development of this business the company needs specialists with technical education. This project has a special priority, because also assumes a social responsibility - contributing to the reduction of the unemployment rate in Ukraine. Today, with the help of Rost Outstaffing, more than 150 people, from different regions of the country, were employed. All of them moved to Transcarpathian region, where the manufacture is located, and were provided with excellent accommodation and food for free.

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