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Breaking news: Meldonium is high efficiency medication


Doping scandal, erupted with the participation of famous Russian athletes, including Maria Sharapova, due to the usage of meldonium, proved the effectiveness of the drug for oxygen rebalancing in terms of critical ischemia (

LACK OF OXYGEN IN ATHLETE’s cells is comparable to patients’ ischemia with cardiac pathology С Athletes used Meldonium like a drug that helps cells to deal with a lack of oxygen

It says directly that meldonium as TRIZIPIN, will work effectively with the lack of oxygen in cells with different types of coronary heart diseases

Athletes used meldonium regularly (in the words of Evgeni Plushenko, Olympic champion in figure skating, "as cevitamic acid") (

It says that meldonium:

  • Is safe for a long-term use
  • And exactly with a long-term use gives a maximal stable metabolic effect

According to the creator of the drug, Ivar Kalvinsh, meldonium can’t improve the athletic performance, but it can stop cell’s damage in a case of ischemia. That is why this drug is not a doping. It is an important part of metabolic therapy for ischemic cases (

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